Hospital Support Services


For over 25 years NSI’s facilities management and maintenance group has allowed staff to focus on their core responsibilities while our team of highly-trained professionals delivers smart, sustainable and performance-improving solutions year after year.Learn More



NSI offers world-class housekeeping and environmental services ranging from attending to small details to addressing site-wide issues. Decades of experience in staffing, management and operations ensures NSI will keep your facilities clean, compliant and comment worthy.Learn More






NSI Food Services focuses on what matters most: serving patients, staff and visitors nutritious and delicious meals every time. Striking a perfect balance between budget, regulations, facility design & limitations, to meet the dietary needs of each person served.Learn More




NSI Information Technology strategies are unique to each client’s needs for securing communications and data to the highest standards with minimal downtime. In the ever-changing IT environment it’s smart to have an experienced digital partner at your side. Learn More



NSI takes on every aspect of medical facilities security. Our well-trained staff monitors premises using only the most professional and legal means. NSI’s experience brings top-notch personnel, technology and management blended with discretion and attention to detail. Learn More

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