Dietary Services



We serve up tasty and nutritious meals all day, every day.

Take comfort in knowing that our food services will always be focused on what matters most…your patients, staff and visitors. They will be served great tasting, nutritious food prepared with a meticulous focus on their dietary needs, with careful consideration and practices to address the ever-increasing concerns with food allergies and preferences. We provide high quality meals for every palette while balancing budgetary, regulatory and facility constraints.

Simply put, we can save you money in today’s rising labor and supply cost environment. We can eliminate your operational headaches and help you to focus on your core business. It has never been more important to have a trusted and knowledgeable partner who can provide proven support service results at the best possible price.

Let us help reduce your human resource burdens and shelter you against employment-related exposures. We provide superior management expertise and specialized support services training to all our staff at your facility.

Call us today at (805) 544-1455 to find out how we can customize a plan for your facility.